zondag 3 december 2017


X-foldings developed from an initial paper prototype: made from paper that was printed with a design for
folding lines made in collaboration with a specialist computer software.
By carefully studying the physical models, X-foldings developed as a project, into a series of specific
structures which have many interesting applications within the domains of architecture, design, and
The X-foldings structures deliver a market leading combination strength, lightness, and pleasing aesthetic
The models presented on this page a divided into two basic groups, of which, the group of structures
using straight folds are the most basic, but also the most interesting structures to further develop. I intend
to further develop this group of structures to optimize and balance the proportions of the pattern.

Concept for Aluminium Cladded facade in combination with Oled Lightstrips.

The main benefit of the foldings is the capability of free form shaping.

Reflections are controllable and many varieties are possible